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Monthly Archives: September 2018

Gabriel Btesh opens up about raising the bar for architectural integrity in Panama

During his career in construction and property development, Gabriel Btesh and his team have raised the bar for architectural integrity in Panama. Successfully taking over the family business, construction and property development specialist Gabriel Btesh has overseen many retail, leisure, and entertainment industry construction projects throughout Panama. During 30 years in the market, he and his company, originally founded […]

Gabriel Btesh continues to honor socially conscious commitment to construction

A commitment to industry standards and well-being in Panama have seen one property developer’s business flourish. Having helped to raise levels of architectural integrity during 30 years in construction, Gabriel Btesh continues to strive toward increased standards of living and improved levels of well-being in the Republic of Panama. Now at the helm of the family […]

Gabriel Btesh discusses his construction industry highlights

A focus on the country’s prosperity and well-being has seen one Panama property developer forge a highly successful career in the industry. Taking over the family construction and property development business, Gabriel Btesh has spent three decades working toward standards of living, well-being, and prosperity in the Republic of Panama through his highly determined professional efforts. […]