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Gabriel Btesh reveals goals as a construction firm owner in Panama

Gabriel Btesh

Construction firm boss Gabriel Btesh shares his aims and goals for Panama’s construction sector.

Well known and widely respected for their efforts within the industry, the Btesh family have invested heavily in construction sector innovation across Panama for over 30 years. Here, Gabriel Btesh—today at the helm of the family-run construction firm—reflects on his aims and goals for the industry in the Republic of Panama.

Placing firm focus on standards of living and well-being, the once small firm, founded by Gabriel Btesh’s father, Jack, has grown into a globally recognized player in the world of construction. “My father laid a sturdy foundation,” Gabriel Btesh explains, “and for that, I remain eternally grateful.”

Now at the helm, he says the company has grown into more than just a legacy for himself and his family. “Over the course of the last ten years, we’ve directly created upwards of 10,000 construction sector jobs in Panama,” Btesh explains, “while simultaneously raising the bar for architectural integrity throughout the nation.”

Creating an abundance of employment opportunities, he says, as well as improving standards of architectural integrity in the Central and South American nation, are two of his key goals. “In addition to the jobs which we’ve created directly, we’ve also afforded the country with many thousands of other positions, indirectly, through our retail, leisure, and entertainment business construction projects,” reveals Btesh.

“This,” he continues, “I feel should be a shared goal throughout the industry, with the construction sector capable of boosting employment figures and directly bolstering the economy here in Panama.”

Increased well-being in the country is similarly important to Gabriel Btesh, too, he says. “I’ve always been an advocate for advancing standards of living and well-being in my country,” the construction company boss explains, “long yearning to do what is right for the people of Panama, and on as great a scale as possible.”

Indeed, Btesh has undoubtedly succeeded in helping to foster ever-advancing standards of living and promoting a sense of well-being through his work. “Building much-needed homes for young families and those in need has been immensely rewarding,” he explains.

What’s more, Gabriel Btesh has employed his own uniquely focused approach to such projects, installing gym facilities, social areas, and creative spaces in many of his company’s apartment buildings and other residential construction ventures.

“It’s my hope,” he adds, wrapping up, “that similar initiatives will become widespread among Panama’s many construction firms; something which I’m confident will continue to bolster levels of well-being, in particular, across the nation.”

Construction Firm Boss Gabriel Btesh Shares the Importance of Well-being

The Importance of Well-being with Gabriel Btesh

The Importance of Well-being with Gabriel Btesh

Gabriel Btesh Shares the Importance of Well-being

Gabriel Btesh, Panama Construction Mogul shares an insight into his company’s approach to fostering improved feelings of well-being.


Despite the often affordable nature of many of the company’s residential projects, construction firm boss Gabriel Btesh remains focused on sourcing only state of the art, high-quality materials and building supplies. This, he says, is just one of many steps which he and the company routinely take to ensure the quality of life and well-being of those who will live in the completed properties.


“It’s about creatively structuring modern living spaces but in a cost-effective way,” he explains.


What’s more, to further bolster standards of living and well-being in these modern, carefully constructed homes, Btesh routinely insists that his company’s residential projects feature amenities such as gyms and social spaces. “Socializing and regular exercise are both demonstrated to support a significantly increased sense of well-being,” he explains, “with exercise, in particular, promoting a relaxed and positive outlook.”


Both socializing and undertaking regular exercise are, he says, powerful ways to combat and overcome a vast array of common health complaints. “By incorporating such facilities,” Btesh continues, “we’re able to promote calm and encourage improved well-being for the families who live there.”


Gabriel Btesh Explains Construction Sector in More Detail

The construction sector professional has also included what he calls ‘creative areas’ as part of additional projects, with creative expression also widely understood to support improved health and wellness among individuals of all ages.


Further to such direct actions and other similar initiatives, Gabriel Btesh has also leveraged his professional position to help increase well-being and raise standards of living on a broader scale. Over the course of the last decade, the construction firm boss estimates that he and his family’s business have directly created upwards of 10,000 jobs in Panama.


The Panama City construction firm boss and his company are responsible for some of the city’s most popular attractions, in addition to some of its most desirable family homes and apartments. These include the city’s impressive Mall Los Pueblos, as well as destinations such as Santa Maria Golf and Country Club plus numerous 5-star hotels, resorts, and venues.


“Our retail and leisure projects have created many further positions, above and beyond the construction sector employment opportunities we’ve provided,” he adds, wrapping up, “and by securing the positive cycle of employees across the board, I believe that we’re helping the country, the population, and the economy to flourish, day in and day out.”

Gabriel Btesh talks architectural integrity as he discusses raising the bar in Panama

gabriel btesh

Panama City construction firm owner Gabriel Btesh reveals how he and his company have raised the bar for architectural integrity across the Central and South American republic.

Following over 30 years in the industry and now having taken over the successful family business founded by his father, construction and property development specialist Gabriel Btesh has, throughout his career, show a demonstrable contribution toward revolutionizing standards of architectural integrity throughout the Republic of Panama.

Over the course of the last three decades, Btesh and his family’s company’s extensive team of workers have, he says, succeeded in raising the bar for architectural integrity, both in Panama City and across the country. “During this time, we’ve overseen countless residential, retail, leisure, and entertainment industry projects throughout Panama,” Btesh explains.

“Originally founded by my father, Jack Btesh, our business has succeeded in revolutionizing building standards as part of a conscious and concerted effort to commit to well-being and quality of life in the country,” he adds. This commitment is particularly evident, according to Btesh, in the company’s residential construction projects.

Offering one such case in point, the Panama native explains how the business was commissioned to design and build a series of revolutionary apartment complexes in the country’s capital. “We were commissioned to construct a series of cutting-edge apartment buildings, designed for local families,” he reveals. “These apartments were designed to offer affordable, comfortable, safe living, and saw us employ only the very latest, very highest standards of architectural integrity as we do on each and every one of our builds,” Btesh adds.

Despite the affordable nature of the project, Btesh explains that he sourced only modern, high-quality materials, successfully structuring what ended up being truly luxurious-feeling living spaces in a cost-effective manner.

Furthermore, from shopping malls to five-star hotels and venues including Santa Maria Golf & Country Club, Btesh’s commitment to architectural integrity applies across the board, he says.

Also fervently committed to increased levels of well-being, Gabriel Btesh is further recognized for adding amenities such as social areas, gyms, and creative spaces to many of his residential builds. Btesh also estimates that during the last 10 years alone, he and his business have successfully created upwards of 10,000 construction sector jobs, as well as thousands more created indirectly as a result of the firm’s retail, leisure, and entertainment industry projects.

“Creating abundant employment opportunities, raising the bar for architectural integrity, and helping to improve wider building standards across Panama are, perhaps, among my proudest professional achievements,” he adds, wrapping up, “and all things which I quietly reflect upon daily.”

Gabriel Btesh Reveals Philosophy Behind Construction Industry Success

Gabriel Btesh featured

Gabriel Btesh Reveals Philosophy Behind Construction Industry Success

Gabriel Btesh Construction Industry
Gabriel Btesh Construction Industry

Well known and widely regarded for his professional efforts within Panama City’s construction sector, Gabriel Btesh has focused heavily on innovation within the field during a career spanning more than three decades. Now in charge of the family’s booming construction firm, here Btesh reveals his philosophy for success as he and his family remain revered by many in their home country of Panama.


“The company is more than just a legacy for my family and me,” he explains. “We have raised the bar for architectural integrity throughout Panama, and, over the course of the last decade alone, we have created more than 10,000 construction industry jobs in the country,” adds Btesh.


“I have always been a keen proponent of the advances being made toward increasing standards of living and well-being in Panama,” he continues, “and I have always yearned to do what was right, both personally and professionally, and on a scale as great as possible.”


Originally founded by his father, Jack Btesh, and now in the hands of Gabriel, the business is an internationally respected player in the construction industry. “My father laid a sturdy foundation,” explains the developer, “and for that, I am eternally grateful.”


Successful Construction Sector Professional Gabriel Btesh Shares the Philosophy Behind His 30-year Career in the Industry.

According to Btesh, building homes for those in need has been one of the most rewarding and exciting aspects of his career. “Through my endeavors, the company and I have been able to promote both the advancement of the business and the importance of the well-being of those living in Panama,” he reveals.


A significant part of the Panama City construction sector professional’s philosophy is focused on creating and supporting an abundance of employment opportunities, both in the city and across the country. “A typical construction project will directly create over 1,000 jobs in the local area,” Btesh explains, “with many of our retail and leisure industry projects often indirectly creating hundreds or thousands more, and continuing to create jobs for years to come.”


Btesh points out that where individuals have jobs, they also have money to spend, and when these individuals spend their money, they’re putting those funds back into the economy. “It circulates in a positive and accumulative manner,” he explains.


This, Gabriel Btesh says, is a cycle which is repeated regularly by him and his business. “I believe that by securing the positive cycle of employees, and by growing bigger as a company, we’ve successfully contributed toward helping the Panamanian economy to flourish, particularly in recent years,” he adds, wrapping up.

Gabriel Btesh Shares Hopes For Continued Prosperity Within Panama’s Construction Industry

Gabriel Btesh Shares Hopes For Continued Prosperity Within Panama's Construction Industry

Gabriel Btesh Shares Hopes For Continued Prosperity Within Panama’s Construction Industry


Gabriel Btesh - Panama's Construction Industry
Gabriel Btesh – Panama’s Construction Industry

Following another highly successful year for Panama’s property and construction sectors, Gabriel Btesh is keen to see rates of growth across both areas continue to rise. The head of a prominent construction firm based in Panama City, Btesh and his team are responsible for some of the city’s most recognizable building projects, including Mall Los Pueblos and 5-star venues such as Santa Maria Golf and Country Club.


The country’s construction industry has flourished in recent years, with numerous so-called ‘mega-projects’ now completed or nearing completion.


These include Amador Convention Center, the largest convention center in the country, and the second line of Panama’s historic, world famous metro system. Other projects include work in the port of Colon, where, alongside revitalized historic neighborhoods, 5,000 social housing apartments are being constructed along with new highway, water, and sanitation infrastructures. This project alone, according to Btesh, is likely to cost in excess of half a billion dollars by the time it is completed.


Further mega-projects include a third, four-lane, 4.6-kilometer-long bridge across the Panama Canal and construction of a second terminal at Tocumen International Airport.


Construction company boss Gabriel Btesh reflects on the continued growth of Panama’s property and construction sectors.

“We continue to work tirelessly to grow what today is a thriving industry,” Btesh explains. “Exercising a socially conscious approach to my own professional endeavors, I’ve been steadfastly committed to a series of promises which I made to myself early on in my career and which I’ve now upheld for over three decades,” adds the construction firm boss who is well known within the industry for he and his family’s socially conscious approach to business.


Alongside their commercial and leisure industry projects, Btesh and his company, first established by his father, Jack Btesh, are also well known for their residential construction efforts. Indeed, Gabriel Btesh himself has long been a proponent of increased standards of architectural integrity in Panama, particularly surrounding residential construction, while also pushing for wider improved standards of living aimed at increasing feelings of general well-being in the Central and South American nation.


“I remain wholly committed to increasing standards of living, growing the Panamanian economy, and bolstering positivity and feelings of well-being in the country,” explains Btesh, a 30 year veteran of the industry responsible for the creation of tens of thousands of jobs during his career.


“My team and I,” he adds, wrapping up, “look forward to another prosperous year for our business, and a successful year for the wider national construction and property sectors as well.”

Gabriel Btesh explains how Panama’s construction sector is beating industry labor shortages

gabriel btesh

Panama City construction firm boss Gabriel Btesh reveals the ways in which the industry is overcoming current shortages of skilled labor.

With construction currently booming globally, contractors such as Gabriel Btesh are increasingly encountering a shortage of skilled laborers. This, the construction firm boss believes, is largely an ongoing or delayed effect of the global recession seen during the late 2000s.

“Skilled laborers are in short supply,” Panama City-based Btesh explains, “with as many as 90 percent of contractors in North, Central, and South America reporting a severe scarcity of qualified workers.”

According to Btesh, during the global recession around a decade ago, large swathes of laborers found themselves out of work. Others retired, he says, and plenty more switched careers looking for work which was less hard hit by the slump.

“While some of these workers returned to the construction sector when economic conditions improved, many did not,” reveals Btesh, adding that, in the years since, a new generation of potential laborers and construction workers has, in general, also failed to see the same strong draw afforded by the industry which was experienced by their parents or grandparents.

What’s required, then, says Gabriel Btesh, is an adjusted approach to attracting new workers to the sector, something which the construction firm boss continues to champion. Great efforts are being made to boost diversity within the construction industry, he says, while average wages are also on the rise in an ongoing move to attract not only skilled laborers but also engineers and project managers, too.

“When there are labor shortages, productivity takes a hit as a result, so it’s vital that we employ new measures to ensure the strength of our workforces,” Btesh explains, “as well as developing additional and innovative ways in which to better compensate skilled staff.”

He continues, “By casting the net as wide as possible and appealing to workers financially, the construction industry, particularly here in Panama, is beginning to overcome its labor shortage.”

Furthermore, Btesh goes on to reveal that with more and more women than ever before entering the field, today’s construction industry is squashing many of the historical and widely perceived gender barriers which have long existed within the sector. “There has never been a bigger, better female presence in construction,” he reveals, “from female laborers and engineers to project managers and estimators.”

“The construction industry, particularly here in Central and South America,” Gabriel Btesh adds, wrapping up, “is working hard to beat the labor shortages of recent years, which, as a result, is adding renewed vigor to the field, and long may it continue.”

Gabriel Btesh Explores Bountiful Construction Industry Career Opportunities

Gabriel Btesh - Panama Construction
Gabriel Btesh – Panama Construction

A successful career in construction can be not only highly lucrative but also incredibly rewarding, according to construction guru and industry mentor Gabriel Btesh. Now at the helm of the family construction business following more than 30 years in the sector, Btesh is also the firm’s chief innovator and has successfully assisted in transforming national standards of living and architectural integrity in the Republic of Panama.


Today’s construction industry, first and foremost, he says, offers enormous earnings potential. “From getting a foot in the door and learning new skills to eventually, perhaps, running a successful business empire, construction is a fast-paced, high-stakes, often incredibly exciting environment,” Btesh reveals.


“It’s no secret,” he continues, “that the job market surrounding property development and construction is today more lucrative than ever before.”


While Btesh is open to admitting that starting out in construction can be difficult and often daunting for many, there are several ways in which to kick-start things. “Get it right, and interested individuals can look forward to a highly rewarding career,” adds the construction guru and industry mentor.


In Panama, much like in the U.S. and elsewhere around the world, the current construction sector job market is competitive. “Offering high salaries and abundant opportunities for those willing to fully commit,” says Btesh, “it’s vital that those who are truly interested in working within construction get off to a good start.”


Panama Property Development and Construction Firm Boss Gabriel Btesh Reveals Abundance of Career Opportunities Within the Sector.

“For example,” he continues, “it’s important to keep a close eye on what’s going on around you when starting out in the field. Learn as much as possible, and never be afraid to ask questions.”


“The faster you learn, the faster you’ll progress,” adds Btesh, “and remember, everyone in the industry today had to start somewhere.”


Construction expert Btesh goes on to point out that there will always be something new to learn, even following decades in the industry. “In construction,” he reveals, “you never stop learning, and to remember that will afford an individual an edge over those in the field who are less conscientious.”


Panama native Gabriel Btesh also advises mastering a particular craft while simultaneously learning multiple secondary trades. Those who are skilled in multiple trades, he says, can usually command significantly higher rates of pay.


“Reliable, highly skilled construction professionals will forever be in demand,” adds Btesh, wrapping up, “so by investing in the appropriate training and gaining the necessary experience, an individual is furnishing themselves with everything which he or she requires for a successful professional future through which to support themselves and their loved ones.”

Gabriel Btesh explores current construction industry boom in Panama

gabriel btesh

Construction firm boss Gabriel Btesh uncovers details of Panama’s growing efforts and spending within property development and construction sectors.

Construction in Panama is booming with several so-called ‘megaprojects’ recently completed, under construction, or in planning, according to property development and construction company boss Gabriel Btesh, who—along with his family and highly successful business—is based in Panama City, the Central and South American country’s capital.

Characterized by massive investment commitment, vast organizational complexity, and long-lasting economic and societal impact, such construction megaprojects are generally considered as those costing in excess of one billion U.S. dollars, according to Btesh. “These projects typically attract a significant amount of public attention owing to the often substantial impact on individual communities and both local and national budgets,” he adds.

The subject of much media interest, a fourth bridge across the Panama Canal is the country’s most recently confirmed so-called megaproject, currently in planning and anticipated to cost $1,400,000,000.

Completed in 2014, Panama Metro line 1 is another example of such a project in the country, costing upwards of $1,800,000,000. Panama Metro line 2, according to Btesh, is today under construction and anticipated to cost a further $2,000,000,000. Panama Metro line 3, meanwhile, which is currently in planning, is expected to add an additional $2,600,000,000 to the total project cost.

Responsible for well in excess of $1 billion worth of residential, retail, and leisure sector construction, Gabriel Btesh—now at the helm of the successful family construction firm initially founded by his father—is highly respected among his peers in Panama. Benefiting the country hugely as a result of his work, both through the creation of jobs in construction and other fields, and as a result of more buoyant property, retail, and leisure industry markets, Btesh’s efforts have proved to be far-reaching.

Notable projects completed by Btesh and his numerous teams include various large-scale residential apartment buildings in Panama City focused on providing safe, secure, and comfortable living environments, plus commercial undertakings such as the famous Mall Los Pueblos and Santa Maria Golf and Country Club, both also located in the city.

“Working in property development and construction is as much about building a legacy for current generations of Panamanians as it is about money, success, or personal pride,” Btesh explains of his socially conscious approach to construction.

“Furthermore,” he adds, wrapping up, “in addition to supporting my family, it’s about making the country itself more prosperous as a whole.”

Mr. Gabriel Btesh Shares the Importance of Family and Ethical Business Practices

Gabriel Btesh - Family & Ethical Business Practices (featured)

Mr. Gabriel Btesh Shares the Importance of Family and Ethical Business Practices

Mr. Gabriel Btesh - Family and Ethical Business Practices
Mr. Gabriel Btesh – Family and Ethical Business Practices

Since taking over the family business established by his father, Mr. Gabriel Btesh—who has now spent over three decades in the construction industry—continues his ongoing commitment to architectural integrity, ethical business practices, and to increasing standards of living in the Republic of Panama. Secondly, to his commitment to family, Mr. Gabriel Btesh’s professional efforts are easily demonstrable and have helped not only transform the lives of many thousands of people in the Central and South American country but have also assisted in bolstering the nation’s economy.


“I had always yearned to do what was right for my family and my country,” reveals Btesh, explaining that, for him, working in property development and construction has always centered around building a legacy for him and his family, as well as current generations of fellow Panamanians.


Of his socioeconomic efforts, Mr. Gabriel Btesh tells how he and the family business were enlisted to design and construct a series of apartment buildings to cater for local, predominantly young families in Panama City.


Mr. Gabriel Btesh Explains the Importance of Family and a Commitment to Ethical Business Practices.

“They were to provide affordable living while simultaneously allowing for an environment which was safe, secure, and comfortable.” He explains, pointing out the fundamental differences and commercial undertakings. Such as Mall Los Pueblos, and Santa Maria Golf and Country Club. Both also located in Panama City.


As part of the residential project, Mr. Gabriel Btesh ensured personally that the apartment buildings each included gym facilities and other amenities. Such as creative spaces and areas for socializing and other activities. “As a result,” he points out, “young families were able to afford a level of luxury offered amid surroundings wherein which they and their friends and loved ones could enjoy the many benefits which came with the completed properties.”


Btesh also points out that during his career, he has supported tens of thousands of construction sector jobs. While further indirectly facilitating many thousands more across public, private sectors and industries.


“From the very beginning, I set out to support my family. Hopefully, make a difference to the country of Panama in my professional endeavors,” adds Mr. Gabriel Btesh, wrapping up. “So it’s incredibly rewarding to have succeeded in both of these areas, and long may it continue.”

Gabriel Btesh Shares Construction Industry Goals and Career High Points

Gabriel Btesh Shares Construction Industry Goals and Career High Points

Gabriel Btesh Shares Construction
Gabriel Btesh Shares Construction

Dedicated to driving change within Panama’s construction sector with a life-long passion. Developer and company boss Gabriel Btesh has spent three decades focused on social change. Standards of living, and improving the Central and South American country’s economy through continued efforts to strengthen various industries. To date, Gabriel Btesh’s company—originally founded by his father. Has created tens of thousands of jobs and has completed hundreds of millions of dollars worth of construction. Supporting improved standards of architectural integrity and fostering new approaches to well-being throughout the nation.


“I wanted to create a legacy, both professionally. For the business, founded by my father—and, more personally, for my family and I.”


By all accounts, Gabriel Btesh has succeeded. Generating hundreds of millions of dollars worth of construction sector development. Directly creating an estimated 30,000 jobs, and further supporting many thousands more. Indirectly, through the company’s retail, leisure, and entertainment industry projects.


Btesh goes on to share details of two career highlights, starting with a particular residential project. Here, he and the company were commissioned to work on a series of apartment buildings, designed to cater to local, predominantly young families in Panama City. “They were intended,” says Btesh, “to allow for an affordable living while simultaneously providing an environment which was both safe and comfortable.”


“As part of the project,” he continues, “I ensured, personally, that the apartment buildings each included gym facilities and other amenities such as social areas and creative spaces.”



Construction Company Boss Gabriel Btesh Points Out Goals for the Industry and Reveals His Own Career Highlights.

As a result, Btesh goes on to point out that those who may never have imagined that they would see truly modern conveniences or a level of luxury were able to afford these upscale properties, wherein which they and their families could enjoy the benefits which came with living there.


The construction company owner’s second highlight centers around Panama City’s Mall Los Pueblos. “Not only did the construction project there directly create a massive number of jobs in the area,” he explains, “but it continues, subsequently, to keep on creating more and more jobs even years down the line.”


The success of this project, says company boss Gabriel Btesh, prompted further construction of additional retail space in neighboring areas. Now a thriving and prosperous retail destination. The Mall Los Pueblos district continues to support thousands of local jobs. In addition to further construction ongoing, creating a variety of additional employment opportunities.


“Retail and leisure industry projects such as Mall Los Pueblos see money being regularly earned and spent,” adds Gabriel Btesh, wrapping up, “circulating in a positive and accumulative manner both locally and throughout Panama, wherein which the economy is benefiting greatly, something which I’m incredibly proud to have had a hand in facilitating.”


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