Gabriel Gaby Btesh

Gabriel Btesh reflects on successful property career and passion for well-being in Panama

Real estate development in Panama has enjoyed a surge in both interest and investment in recent years.

Thanks in part to property developers such as Gabriel Btesh, the country has benefited hugely as a result, both through the creation of jobs in construction and as a result of a more buoyant property market.

After taking over the family business from his father, Btesh explains that, for him, working in property development and construction is as much about building a legacy for current generations of Panamanians as it is about money, success, or personal pride. “Furthermore, in addition to supporting my family, it’s about making the country itself more prosperous as a whole,” he adds.

By any measure, he’s succeeded, and having started his property and real estate career in the early 1990s, almost three decades on Btesh is also now a keen proponent of the advances being made toward increasing standards of living and well-being in Panama.

“I had always yearned to do what was right for my family and my country,” reveals Btesh. “However, I never dared to dream that I’d enjoy success in both senses to this extent and that it would prove to be so rewarding.”

Through his endeavors, Btesh says he’s now able to promote both the advancement of his father’s company and the well-being of those living in Panama. “Building homes for those in need, in particular, has been one of the most rewarding and exciting parts of my career,” he adds.

In addition to residential developments, Gabriel Btesh has also worked on a tremendous number of commercial properties and projects across Panama. The real estate developer estimates that the combined value of these projects, completed over a period of almost 30 years, is today upwards of a trillion dollars.

Despite such vast sums, however, Btesh suggests that deep down, his real estate and construction endeavors have always been primarily about the betterment of his country, second only to support his family. “My goals, in that respect, have never wavered,” he emphasizes of the fact.

Highlighting one development, in particular, Btesh goes on to share details of a project undertaken in Panama City. “The company and I were commissioned to work on a series of apartment buildings, designed to cater to local families,” he explains. “They were designed to offer affordable living while simultaneously providing a comfortable and safe environment.”

The immediate focus for Gabriel Btesh was on improving the quality of life of prospective tenants, and despite the affordable nature of the project, the developer sourced only modern, high-quality materials for the construction. “What we did was creatively structure a luxury living space, but in a cost-effective manner,” he points out.

Going one step further, Btesh personally ensured that the apartment buildings included amenities such as a gym, social areas, and creative spaces. “As a result, families who never imagined they’d see truly modern conveniences, let alone a level of luxury, were able to afford these upscale properties and enjoy the benefits which came with them,” says Btesh.

“This, I hope,” he adds in conclusion, “will have served to change the lives of the families who moved into those properties, both for the better and for as long as they remain living there. It’s something which I reflect on often, and something which I’m incredibly proud to have been a part of.”

Gabriel Btesh Takes Family Business to International Success

Entrepreneur Gabriel Btesh is honored to use his passion, and family business to help the people of Panama.

Entrepreneurialism runs in the Btesh family. Gabriel Btesh’s father, Jack Btesh founded the family company, Ben Btesh International in 1959. This family-owned company eventually landed in the Tocumen International Airport. From there, it became Latin America’s leading brand positioning company for boutiques of international brands.

However, that was before Gabriel Btesh took the company over. That was the true beginning of Gabriel Btesh’s family legacy.

Born Entrepreneur

Even from a young age, Gabriel Btesh knew he wanted to be an entrepreneur. Young Btesh knew he was going to follow in his father’s footsteps and propel his family company forward.
Gabriel Btesh took full advantage of having the opportunity to finish high school in the united states. Afterward, he finished his education by studying at Chamberlain University.

Btesh returned to his home country of Panama to help his father with his business, once he was sufficiently educated.

At that time, he felt as though he was fulfilling his birthright. Yet, he had no idea how far his talent and finesse for business was going to take him.

Building Upon the Foundation

When Gabriel Btesh took over his father’s company, it had already gained clout and esteem within the business community.

Btesh was aiming to take his father’s company to new heights. While maintaining the excellent reputation that his father had painstakingly built, Btesh brought in his expertise.

In the 1990’s, Btesh was maintaining the company foundation, while testing the real estate market. He knew it was strong, at the time, but Btesh wasn’t sure if it was right for his family’s company.

Although, it didn’t take long for Gabriel Btesh to realize diving in was the leap of faith Ben Btesh International needed.

Soon, Btesh was expanding into many factions of the real estate market. One of his first projects, the Mall Los Pueblos, has become the most popular retail location in Panama.

Constructing the Future

Eventually, Gabriel Btesh started a movement within Panama. While building retail locations, and eventually housing developments, Btesh realized the positive effect the construction has on his homeland.

The buildings, along with the jobs and homes he was creating was giving his come country hope. He was progressing them forward, simply by doing what he loved. Eventually, his family business became a business that was revered by all of Panama.

“Building the family business is also looking towards the progress of Panama,” Btesh said.
Btesh wanted to continue making a difference in his country when he realized the impact he was having.

So, throughout the next few decades, Gabriel Btesh built twenty-four apartment towers in Panama City.
Plus, his projects currently equal 200,000 square meters of commercial premises and offices.
In summation, Gabriel Btesh is pleased with his work but is encouraged to do more.

Every time he builds something new, or expands his father’s company in some manner, he reaps a plethora of rewards. Using his passion to give back to his country fulfills Btesh insurmountably.

Gabriel Btesh Builds Homes to Help his Country

Gabriel Btesh took over his family’s company and expanded it to profit the whole of Panama by building homes for his country’s people

Gabriel Btesh has built his legacy, not only for his family but for the people of his country. When Btesh started his real estate endeavors in the early 1990s, he had no idea what it would turn into.

While Btesh had always yearned to do what was right for his family and his country. Yet, he never dreamed success in both forms would come in such a rewarding form.

Not only does Gabriel Btesh get to promote the advancement of his father’s company; he also promotes the well-being of Panama.

Building homes for people in need are one of the most rewarding and exciting parts of his career. This is simply because of all the people he helps in the process.

Taking on the Project

Gabriel Btesh has developed many commercial and residential buildings throughout the country. The collective sum of these projects has surpassed one trillion dollars.

However, the heart of his real estate and construction endeavors has always been for the betterment of his country.

Since Btesh realized his true calling, his goal has never wavered: Not only was he building the company toward international success, he was also advancing the wellbeing of the Panamanian people.

Btesh took on the task of constructing twenty-four apartment buildings in Panama City.

Yet, these apartment buildings were not akin to The Santa Maria Golf & Country Club project he worked on. Nor, was the project going to break any records for ascetics or function.

This project had a far greater purpose.

Building Homes for Those in Need

The twenty-four apartment buildings would cater to families. They would be affordable living spaces and they would come to represent a comfortable and safe environment.

Focused on improving the lifestyle tenants, Gabriel Btesh and his team put together a plan that would revolutionize the buildings.

Even though the area was meant to be affordable from the start of the project, Btesh used all modern materials in his facilities. Instead of throwing together cheap workarounds, Btesh creatively structured luxury in a safe, cost-effective manner.

Plus, he was able to add a little something special to the designs. Utilizing his architectural gift, Btesh was able to construct creative spaces, such as gyms, bars, Jacuzzis, and spas affordably.
While his imagination didn’t hamper the cost of the project, it certainly made the apartments stand out.

Finally, families who never thought they’d see the modern conveniences, never mind luxury, were able to afford one-of-a-kind craftsmanship. This changed the lives of the people who moved into the apartments forever.

Sticking to his convictions, Gabriel Btesh was all too happy to make the tenant’s dreams a reality.

To close, Gabriel Btesh has always seemed to know the route to success. Instead of keeping it to himself, however, he continues to utilize his gift to help Panama grow. While his father’s company was what started him on his journey, young Btesh has certainly made it his own; bringing the wellbeing of his country with him every step of the way.

Gabriel Btesh is Building a Better Future for Panama

Gabriel Btesh is creating an abundance of jobs for the people of Panama.

The Btesh family has always been extremely loyal and revered throughout their home country of Panama.

Growing a small business into an international company, Btesh’s father laid a sturdy foundation for his son. Yet, even the ambitious young Gabriel Btesh couldn’t fathom the skyscraper of a company he would build upon that foundation.

What the company would become wouldn’t simply be a legacy for the Btesh family. It would raise the bar on architectural integrity throughout Panama. Plus, it would create over 10,000 jobs within a span of ten years.

The Decision

After taking over the family business, Gabriel Btesh had a decision to make. He knew that there was a growing opportunity in real estate, especially in Panama.

So, he took the gamble and eventually found his knack in the constructional side of real estate.
Being creative and well-educated, Btesh learned quickly that he had a talent for the industry.

While he maintained the core of the company Gabriel Btesh’s father, Jack Btesh, he explored this new avenue. During this exploration, the explosion of jobs and opportunities for local Panama people came into effect.

Hiring the People of Panama

After securing his first major project, the Mall Los Pueblos, Btech employed people to build for him.

Soon after the mall was built, stores started to rent out the spaces in the mall. Eventually, there was a whole new shopping center built around the mall. The retail locations inside the mall hired more employees.

Then, when the mall became the most popular shopping center in Panama, it secured the constructional integrity of Btesh’s company. While people knew the solidarity backing the Btesh name, real estate and construction was a whole new endeavor.

Although, the success of the Mall Los Pueblos eradicated any doubt and helped Gabriel Btesh secure more jobs.
Thus, the cycle repeated.

Economic Development

By securing the positive cycle of employees, and growing bigger as a company, the economy flourished.

If people have jobs, they have money to spend. When they spend their money, putting it back into the economy, it circulates in a positive and accumulative manner.

Additionally, Btesh didn’t just build retail locations. The company also spearheaded entertainment and tourist destinations, such as the Santa Maria Golf & Country Club and 5-Star hotels.

These embellishments to the country brought tourists, as well as entertainment, which also skyrocketed the economy.

Plus, the increase in entertainment made those portions of Panama more desirable to live in. Thus, more affluent people moved to the area.

This also helped add money and jobs into the economy.

In summation, Gabriel Btesh has succeeded in building a better future for his home country of Panama. Not only has he and his company expanded the economy, it has restored hope and prosperity to the region.

Due to Gabriel Btesh’s dedication and perseverance, it’s estimated that each of Btesh’s construction projects ultimately created 1,000 jobs.

Therefore, throughout the past ten years, Gabriel Btesh has single-handedly created more than 10,000 jobs throughout Panama.

From Cloth to Construction, Gabriel Btesh Brings Hope and Prosperity to Panama


Gabriel Btesh is a Panamanian native who has propelled the legacy of his family’s business into a legacy of hope.

Growing up in Panama, Gabriel Btesh knew from a young age that he wanted to be an entrepreneur, like his father.

Jack Btesh, Gabriel’s father started his business, in 1959. Btesh Senior sold high-quality clothing and other luxury goods. Some of the brands that made the family business exclusive included St. Michael, cassimere, New Man, Easy Jeans, and Samsonite suitcases.

Gabriel Btesh remained true to his word and passion when after graduating from Chamberlain University in the US, he returned to help his father with the family business.

However, he wasn’t only helping his father. Having experienced international business from a unique perspective, Btesh was ready to take Ben Btesh International to new heights.

Not only did he want to provide quality merchandise and services, he also wanted to help the people of Panama.

Through expansion, job creation, and the construction of opportunity, Gabriel Btesh is bringing hope and prosperity to Panama.


Once Gabriel returned from America, he started to invest the company in other commercial branches.

While still maintaining the basis of what made his father successful, Btesh expanded the business.

It was through real estate construction that Btesh was able to start helping his country.

In the early 1990’s, Btesh landed his first project, The Mall Los Pueblo. Since the mall first opened, it has become the most popular mall in Panama.

Afterward, within the span of twenty years, Btesh built over twenty-four apartment buildings. with luxuries that come at a fair price, these buildings are built extremely well.

The buildings that Btesh creates are built with families in mind. The uniqueness and affordability of these apartments allow tenants to live in a safe and comfortable environment.

Job Creation

In addition to helping raise the bar on architectural integrity throughout Panama, Btesh has also created over 10,000 jobs in ten years.

The reason for this is that Btesh’s projects are creating something out of nothing. Btech employs people to build his projects.

Then, there are new places for businesses to prosper. Once businesses prosper, those entrepreneurs hire other people.

This keeps the economy and the available workload moving in a positive direction.

The Construction of Opportunity

The people who are affected by Btesh’s business aren’t just people looking for a job or a place to live.

Considering that Btesh has also built 5-Star hotels and country clubs for the area, his projects are always bringing in revenue.

However, these projects are also bringing in entertainment.

Ultimately, Btesh uses his resources to enhance the quality of life for his home country.

“Building the family business,” Btesh said, “is also a chance to look towards the progress of Panama.”

In summation, Gabriel Btesh has taken a family business and country to new heights. He has expanded into multiple successful avenues and used that success to bring hope and prosperity to his country.

Btech’s success is irrefutable proof of the possibilities inherent in the passion of the entrepreneurial spirit.

Gabriel Btesh is Redefining Opportunities for Growth by Foreseeing Innovation in Every Endeavor

Panama City is the perfect example of Gabriel Btesh’s international success.

Gabriel Btesh takes great pleasure in the ability to help his home country flourish. Btesh’s greatest source of pride and purpose is creating an innovative atmosphere of growth and development throughout his country.


Btesh comes from a hard-working family, who saw his ever-growing spark of entrepreneurship as a virtue. Throughout his life, his family supported his ideas and encouraged him to take his own path.

Twenty years ago, Btesh decided that he was going to follow his dreams. So, he embraced the passion that flows through him emphatically: Growth and Development

Commitment to Community

Btesh has always had a talent for evoking innovation. He has also had a knack for using his customer service skills to present his ideas. So, in addition to visualizing opportunities for growth, he can also express those ideas in a clear and defined manner.

A client of Btesh attested to his perceptive skills: “Gabriel sees the future as nobody else can. I have seen pictures of the land where my current apartment (one of Btesh’s buildings) is located. I am very surprised by the things he is able to achieve. ”

To Btesh, The Republic of Panama is a beloved land of opportunity and strength. The country is fruitful in its potential and ripe with pioneering developmental assets.

However, in every stage of Btesh’s projects, he is ultimately thinking about how the project will benefit his country. Every project is built to serve a purpose. For Btesh, that purpose is to enhance the future of the community it serves.

Developmental Accomplishments

Gabriel Btesh developed over a dozen commercial and residential buildings throughout the country. The collective sum of these projects has reached over one trillion dollars.

Since 1998 Btesh has upheld his strong convictions. He has sustained a long-term vision and an acute command over the budget for each project. It is due to his vigilance, innovation, and superior management, that each project has generated more than 1000 jobs.

Thus, over the past ten years, he has created more than 10,000 jobs for the people of Panama.

Additionally, Btesh created the 30 tallest buildings in Latin America.

Btesh is credited with developing the following iconic buildings:

-Waters on the Bay: 69 floors and 245 meters high.

-Aqualina: 62 floors and 214 meters high.

-White Tower: 62 floors and 214 meters high.

-Aquamare: 54 floors and 200 meters high.

Despite all his success, however, Btesh’s goal has never wavered from the core of its conception: developing blossoming community. The projects that he develops represent a comfortable and safe environment. Catering to families who are interested in improving their lifestyle, Btesh’s projects have a high, luxurious appeal.

Gabriel Btesh uses all modern materials in his facilities. Additionally, he designs creative spaces with gyms, bars, Jacuzzis, spas, and much more.

Basically, anything that a client wants, Btesh will figure out how to deliver in a safe, cost-effective manner.

In summation, ever since Btesh started his business, the innovation and opportunities for Panama’s growth is thriving. This is all thanks to a visionary who seeks the best for this beautiful Central American country

Gabriel Btesh ve oportunidades de crecimiento en lugares donde otros no pueden, innovando en el camino


La Ciudad de Panamá es el ejemplo perfecto de su éxito internacional, siendo la locación de sus más ambiciosos e influyentes proyectos de construcción.

El gran placer de ayudar a su país natal en materias de crecimiento y desarrollo, es una de las experiencias que más enorgullece a Gabriel Btesh. Proveniente de una familia trabajadora que vió la chispa del emprendimiento como una virtud. Decidió su propio camino hace 20 años, para así seguir su pasión más genuina: las bienes y raices.

Innovación y la atención al cliente son sus talentos más prometedores, un cliente menciona que: “Gabriel ve el futuro como nadie más puede hacerlo, he visto fotos de los terrenos en donde mi actual apartamento (uno de sus edificios) se encuentra y estoy muy sorprendido por las cosas que él es capaz de lograr”. La República de Panamá es su amada tierra de oportunidades, al momento de construir nuevos proyectos lo hace pensando en los beneficios que su país tendrá a futuro.

Ha estado a cargo de más de una docena de edificios comerciales y residenciales, estos aglomeran la sorprendente suma de un billón de dólares. Desde 1998 ha laborado con una fuerte convicción, visión de largo plazo y un sentido de financiamiento preciso; generando más de 1000 trabajos por proyecto, acumulando así más de 10000 puestos de empleo en su totalidad.

Gabriel Btesh es la gran mente tras varios de los 30 edificios más altos en latinoamérica. Estos son los siguientes:

● Aqualina: 62 pisos y 214 metros de altura.
● White Tower: 62 pisos y 214 metros de altura.
● Waters on the Bay: 69 pisos y 245 metros de altura.
● Aquamare: 54 pisos y 200 metros de altura.

Btesh representa proyectos que poseen ambientes cómodos y seguros, hechos para familias que desean mejorar su estilo de vida, con instalaciones que incluyen: materiales modernos que realzan el lujo, espacios con gimnasios, bares, jacuzzis, spas y muchísimo más. Panamá se llena de orgullo al saber que no solo su capital (sino también sus regiones) está disfrutando de un presente cuantioso y un mañana sonriente, gracias a un visionario que busca lo mejor para este hermoso istmo centroamericano.