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Gabriel Btesh Examines Latest Plans for Construction of New Panama City Children’s Hospital

Panama City construction expert Gabriel Btesh takes a professional look at the latest plans for an all-new children’s hospital in the city.

Part of a project worth over $600 million, Panama’s Ministry of Health has recently unveiled the latest plans for an all-new children’s hospital in the Central and South American nation’s capital. A leading construction expert based in Panama City, Gabriel Btesh offers a professional look at the latest details, first announced earlier this month.

“The latest plans to construct a brand new children’s hospital in Panama City have this month been unveiled to the public,” reveals Gabriel Btesh, speaking from his office in the city – the capital of the Central and South American Republic of Panama.

The Hospital del Niño project is anticipated to cost somewhere in the region of $630 million, according to Gabriel Btesh. The work, it’s understood, is to be completed by a Spanish infrastructure and energy firm. “The project will see the construction of what will become one of Panama’s largest hospital complexes,” explains Gabriel Btesh, “set to include a general practice center plus an adjoining maternity hospital.”

Between the two buildings, Panama City’s brand new Hospital del Niño will support an overall bed capacity of 720, according to construction expert Gabriel Btesh. “The complex, as a whole, will occupy an area in excess of 165,000 square meters,” he adds.

The Hospital del Niño general practice center will offer 476 beds, it’s been outlined, and 14 operating theaters, while the facility’s maternity hospital will boast a bed capacity of 244. “The maternity hospital is also expected to offer a further 14 operating theaters,” points out Gabriel Btesh, “and a total of 30 dedicated delivery rooms.”

Outside, parking for approximately 700 vehicles will be provided, per the latest plans announced this month.

The infrastructure and energy firm overseeing the project, it’s believed, will also look to refurbish an administrative services building and a number of other existing facilities currently adjacent to the new hospital site, according to Gabriel Btesh.

The Spanish firm in question first established business operations in Panama seven years ago, then tackling the construction of the Dr. Rafael Hernandez Medical Specialities Center in Chiriquí Province. The company has also completed projects elsewhere in South America, including in Peru, where the firm is currently part of a consortium working on the capital city of Lima’s $1.5 billion airport expansion scheme.

Gabriel Btesh, who has recently spoken at length on a variety of construction industry topics, including explaining his continued commitment to socially conscious endeavors in the field, and exploring plans for a new downtown streetscape project in Panama City, briefly returns his focus to the aforementioned Spanish infrastructure and energy company’s children’s hospital project in the city.

“In addition to constructing Hospital del Niño and its adjoining maternity wing, they have also agreed to restore the site’s existing gardens,” he adds, wrapping up, “which should be of great additional benefit to those visiting and working in the hospital.”

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