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Gabriel Btesh

Gabriel Btesh Reveals What it Takes to Succeed as a Construction Contractor

From work ethic to quality assurance, construction firm owner Gabriel Btesh explains the skills essential for making it as a contractor.

According to Gabriel Btesh, simply mastering five key skills can be the making of an aspiring construction contractor. A highly successful construction company owner based in Panama City, Panama, Btesh shares the basis of what he believes it takes to make it in the industry.

“The construction industry lives and dies on five primary skills and abilities,” says Gabriel Btesh, speaking from his office in Panama City, the capital of the Central and South American Republic of Panama. These, he goes on to reveal, are work ethic, communication skills, problem-solving, project management, and quality assurance.

Work ethic, Gabriel Btesh suggests, is mandatory and non-negotiable. “Without drive and motivation, nothing will get done, and you will fail,” says Btesh rather succinctly.

Equally important is communication, according to Gabriel Btesh. “From listening to clients to conversing with other professionals on the job, many will argue that communication skills are some of the most important, if not the most important, in the construction industry,” he explains. A good communicator, Gabriel Btesh claims, is often a good listener, too – an added bonus on any construction site.

Gabriel Btesh‘s third required skill is problem-solving. “Problems will always arise in construction – it’s simply the nature of the business, despite all best-laid plans,” suggests the expert.

What’s important, though, is how such problems are handled, Gabriel Btesh believes. “Someone adept at problem-solving will stay focused, stay calm, and find the best solution in the quickest time,” Btesh goes on, “and without this ability, any aspiring construction contractor may already be doomed to fail.”

Gabriel Btesh has, in the past, spoken at great length on a wide variety of construction-focused topics. These include opening up about raising the bar for architectural integrity in Panama, the construction industry and its economic benefits, his philosophy for the field, and his socially conscious approach to large-scale property development. Gabriel Btesh has also shared the importance of family and ethical business practices in his construction sector pursuits.

Finally, Gabriel Btesh turns to project management and quality assurance. Project managers may be certified, Btesh points out, or simply have developed a professional understanding of the practices, methods, concepts, and tools required to fill a project manager role.

“Two separate skills or abilities, project management and quality assurance ensure professionalism, high standards, and an ability to complete jobs on budget when utilized in tandem,” explains Gabriel Btesh, speaking, he says, from great experience.

“Providing work that’s backed up by quality assurance and an inherent skill in project management is what will build a construction contractor’s reputation in the long term,” reveals Gabriel Btesh. “This, then, in turn,” adds the construction company boss, wrapping up, “is what will attract future clients and ensure success, not just in the coming weeks and months, but in coming years and decades as well.”

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