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Gabriel Btesh Shares Hopes For Continued Prosperity Within Panama’s Construction Industry

Gabriel Btesh Shares Hopes For Continued Prosperity Within Panama's Construction Industry

Gabriel Btesh Shares Hopes For Continued Prosperity Within Panama’s Construction Industry


Gabriel Btesh - Panama's Construction Industry
Gabriel Btesh – Panama’s Construction Industry

Following another highly successful year for Panama’s property and construction sectors, Gabriel Btesh is keen to see rates of growth across both areas continue to rise. The head of a prominent construction firm based in Panama City, Btesh and his team are responsible for some of the city’s most recognizable building projects, including Mall Los Pueblos and 5-star venues such as Santa Maria Golf and Country Club.


The country’s construction industry has flourished in recent years, with numerous so-called ‘mega-projects’ now completed or nearing completion.


These include Amador Convention Center, the largest convention center in the country, and the second line of Panama’s historic, world famous metro system. Other projects include work in the port of Colon, where, alongside revitalized historic neighborhoods, 5,000 social housing apartments are being constructed along with new highway, water, and sanitation infrastructures. This project alone, according to Btesh, is likely to cost in excess of half a billion dollars by the time it is completed.


Further mega-projects include a third, four-lane, 4.6-kilometer-long bridge across the Panama Canal and construction of a second terminal at Tocumen International Airport.


Construction company boss Gabriel Btesh reflects on the continued growth of Panama’s property and construction sectors.

“We continue to work tirelessly to grow what today is a thriving industry,” Btesh explains. “Exercising a socially conscious approach to my own professional endeavors, I’ve been steadfastly committed to a series of promises which I made to myself early on in my career and which I’ve now upheld for over three decades,” adds the construction firm boss who is well known within the industry for he and his family’s socially conscious approach to business.


Alongside their commercial and leisure industry projects, Btesh and his company, first established by his father, Jack Btesh, are also well known for their residential construction efforts. Indeed, Gabriel Btesh himself has long been a proponent of increased standards of architectural integrity in Panama, particularly surrounding residential construction, while also pushing for wider improved standards of living aimed at increasing feelings of general well-being in the Central and South American nation.


“I remain wholly committed to increasing standards of living, growing the Panamanian economy, and bolstering positivity and feelings of well-being in the country,” explains Btesh, a 30 year veteran of the industry responsible for the creation of tens of thousands of jobs during his career.


“My team and I,” he adds, wrapping up, “look forward to another prosperous year for our business, and a successful year for the wider national construction and property sectors as well.”

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