Gabriel Gaby Btesh
Gabriel Gaby Btesh

Gabriel Gaby Btesh Gives Expert Overview of Panamanian Capital’s Incredible Cityscape

Local business owner and construction expert Gabriel Gaby Btesh provides a professional look at the incredible skyline of Panama City.

From its downtown metropolitan area to the famous old quarter, Panama City business owner and lifelong resident of the bustling Republic of Panama’s capital Gabriel Gaby Btesh offers a professional overview of the city’s breathtaking architectural landscape. Combining ancient landmarks and glistening modern skyscrapers, Btesh reveals more as a leading construction industry expert celebrated for his commitment to national well-being and standards of living.

“Panama City’s skyline can be divided into two distinct sections,” says Gabriel Gaby Btesh, speaking from his office in the city. Btesh is the owner of a highly successful local construction firm, originally founded by his father and now overseen by the proud Panama City resident – an outspoken proponent of architectural integrity and national well-being with more than 30 years of experience in the construction industry.

According to Gabriel Gaby Btesh, the Panamanian capital’s cityscape is largely divided across its downtown metropolitan area and famous old quarter, Casco Viejo. “The downtown metropolitan Panama District is now awash with glistening skyscrapers and a wealth of other modern buildings peppered throughout the urban center of the city,” says the construction expert, “while Panama City’s old quarter, Casco Viejo, both represents and perfectly reflects its long and fascinating history.”

Today, the Panamanian capital’s incredible cityscape features many architectural styles, including Spanish colonial properties and French and Antillean townhouses alongside an increasing number of high-rise buildings. The city’s tallest building currently, the Bahia Grand Panama, completed in 2011, stands at more than 930 feet across some 70 floors, Gabriel Gaby Btesh reports.

Construction firm boss Gabriel Gaby Btesh has spoken at length on a variety of topics tied to his home city this year, including providing a unique insight into the vibrant culture of Panama City, exploring the city’s ever-evolving transportation network, and sharing details of a new streetscape project planned for its bustling downtown area.

Gabriel Gaby Btesh has also looked at the latest plans for the construction of a new Panama City children’s hospital, volunteered what he treasures most about his home city, and shared a personal look at the Panamanian capital’s finest historical landmarks.

Businessman Gabriel Gaby Btesh is famed throughout much of the Republic of Panama’s construction industry for his focus on architectural integrity, national well-being, and standards of living. Btesh believes that, further to achieving success for himself, his family, his staff, and others around him, his work in construction is largely about leaving a legacy for the people of Panama as a whole.

Gabriel Gaby Btesh is immensely proud, he has said, to be driving forward a new era within construction in the Central and South American nation. He and his team also continue to support all-important increased tourism revenue nationwide thanks to projects such as the five-star Santa Maria Golf & Country Club and other entertainment, leisure, and retail endeavors throughout Panama.

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